Thursday, 5 December 2019

Why so much plastic

In Room 6 we are writing speeches. We were allowed to choose any topic we wanted. Here is my opinion about plastic and the sea... I hope you enjoy, hopefully i can change your mind.

 ❌Why is there so much plastic?❌ Why is there so much plastic in the ocean well stay tuned? What can we do to help our sea animals? How can we help the environment? What causes there to be so much plastic in the ocean, you may ask? Well what happens is that people drop their rubbish then when it rains the sea water will rise up and then pull back all that rubbish into the water then it will finally break down into trillions of plastic particles, which are called micro plastics. All of those plastic particles will be all floating around in the ocean causing pollution and then when the sea animals like fish getting there food they will get all the harmful plastic in the fish body system that is all around the water so the fish have all these small plastic microbeads,plastic pellets,microfibers in their body and when they get there food there body will be filled with all that bad stuff, That causes death. What can we do to help our sea animals? Here are some facts about my reasons and how to help you... 1.You could use only a few plastic products. -choose to buy products with minimal plastic wrapping eg fruit in plastic box or pick loose and put in reusable produce bags. Choose cardboard boxes with food like cookies,Crackers,Tea,Coffee,Eggs,Juice boxes,Ice blocks,cereal boxes and lots more some are not always in cardboard. 2.Have Ocean Friendly products or environment products brands like Eco Store and Earthwise or use less plastic and more metal and reusable bags 3. Go and volunteer in a community to help the ocean -Volunteer 4.Use fewer plastic more biodegradable that will break more quickly and help the environment that can break down into natural materials that will not harm the environment as much. 5. So be careful what you buy coral jewellery,tortoise shell hair accessories. And also don’t throw plastic out your car window or in the water around you just remember if that was you you wouldn’t like it if your house got destroyed or people dumping rubbish on your house NO! So don’t do it to the sea animals home! So next time you see rubbish on the side of the road go and pick it up. Think twice before you do litter rubbish just think about the earth in 20 years time and the animals before they are all gone for new generations.

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