Thursday, 13 September 2018

Research about author Alan Gratz

In Room Six I did a poster about the author of Refugee so you know a bit about the author that has done 14 novels. And now be have finished the book refugee hope you enjoy my poster.

Check Chloe-Rose blog poster about the author to.

Friday, 7 September 2018

Research about MS St.Louis

In Refugee there is a boat called MS. St.Louis and the boat was in the book "Refugee"  so there is an activity about research on MS St.Louis.

                                                   Here is my Poster:
   Hope you enjoy

Monday, 3 September 2018

Why do we need Headphones?

In Room Six we have been doing writing about headphones to see if they are important to have in the classroom.  We had to write an argument about headphones, so we got to pick if we should have headphones or not in class.

Why do we need headphones
                I think Room 6 should should keep headphones!

Headphones can help block out  noise in the room, so the people at the table can concentrate as well. You can’t hear what's on their chromebook.
When you need to hear something in a video, for your learning you can hear what the person is saying, so you can stay concentrated. Also when you are doing reading plus you can focus and get good grades.

Headphones can also help block out noise in the room the people at the table can concentrate as well. So you can’t hear what's on their chromebook.
For example when you are watching a video with someone next to you like a friend, the video that they are watching could be 30 seconds ahead or behind and then it would be hard to hear what’s on your chromebook, but with headphones there would be less of a problem.

Also you can listen to music if you are doing your school work, background music helps make your brain focus. says “Background music may improve focus on a task by providing motivation and improving your mood.”  

We need headphones to help us focus and blockout other students.