Monday, 12 December 2016

The Hungry Squirrel

                                       The Hungry Squirrel

Early one morning, near the edge of the forest a hungry squirrel was gathering nuts. At the same time a large grey hawk was gliding high in the sky.

The Hungry Squirrel
The squirrel sensed something. He glanced up and saw a large silvery grey hawk circling above him. He lifted his tail and slowly raised his head. Danger! His tail pointed straight as he started to panic. The squirrel was nervous the squirrel and went crazy running in circles like a cat.

The hawk spread his wings wide open.He glared down at the squirrel with an devil smile. Drawing attention to his dark red eyes, his golden-yellow beak and dark yellow claws.

As the hawk raced down the squirrel darted away as quick as lightning.The hawk picked up speed. He grabbed the squirrel by his bushy tail.

The squirrel wriggled and jiggled and bit the hawk’s foot. He fell to the ground.The squirrel was free to gather more nuts before he bolted home.The hawk flew away into the sunset.

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