Thursday, 30 August 2018

Quiz about refugee's

                                 A fact about Refugees so you understand 

  New Zealand have Accept 750 refugees a year. The biggest refugee camps are             Kakuma,Hagadera,Dagahaley,Ifo,Dadaab,Zaatari,Yida,Katumba.

A Refugee is someone who has left their country because of bombing or war or something bad happened to the country. 


 The answers are at the end see if you got them correct. Comment what answers you picked.

                          No Cheating!

                                  The quiz   Image result for Refugee

 Highlight the answer you think is right

                                A.How many refugees are in New Zealand?

                               A.1000                 B.750                      C.675

                     B. How many characters are in the book Refugee by Alan Gratz?

                                            A.4                B.2              C.3

                     C. What are the main characters names in the story refugee’s? 

                  Lisa, Josef and Jessica   B. Josef, Isabel and Mahmoud  C. Katie, Lucy and Jake

                                        What country did they start their journey at?

          A.Germany cuba serbia       B.America  Australia  Austria  C.     Europe Russia India

D.                                                         What is a refugee?

People that have to leave their country because of war and booming.                     B. People that go to refugee camps.                     C.People that have to move to another country. 


B. 3

C. Josef, Isabel and Mahmoud

D.People that have to leave their country because of war and booming.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Fun with fives

In maths we have been doing time tables in Room six and problem solving how to work it out in a different way. How I worked out my problem solving is that 6x5=30 + 6x1=6 so all that together will equal 36, so thats how I got my answer using my 5 times tables.

Friday, 24 August 2018

Research about Serbia

In 'refugee' there is an activate about you can do one of the activate of what country you can search about that Mahmoud has been on the map that we mark off where the characters have been so that's why I did Serbia.

Here is my poster:

Here is my research about Serbia

Thursday, 16 August 2018


The reason why I am doing this slide about cyclones is because we are reading this book called 'refugee' by Alan Gratz and the characters are Isabel,Mound,Josef,Mahmoud. And Isabel Grandma got taken away from a cyclone so that's why I did a slide about cyclones because it was an active.

Here is a link to my slide show.

My slideshow

Monday, 13 August 2018

The vocabulary is words that have been in the book 'refugee' and Chloe- rose and I made a slide show of the meaning of the words and if they are a verb noun or a adjective and we added some pictures for yous!

Image result for refugee book
 The slide show of the vocabulary words

Friday, 10 August 2018

Look into his eyes

In writing me have been doing described writing from the picture that's on my writing and we had to describe about the picture. The words highlighted are the words we had to make more described sentences about what's happening.

My writing of Look into his eyes