Thursday, 14 September 2017

Reading challenge. A book when my mum read when she was a child

This book is about minnie dean. She was a baby farmer she was a baby killer. She put some in tin boxes. She would kill them with some laudanum which is poison some people used it to help their kids to get better. She was the last women to be hung in new zealand and this was in new zealand. 21,958
babies have farmed out every year.

And this book is a true story.

And this book is a chapter book.

And this book is set in the past it was in 1895

Here's a photo of the book.                                  

Here is a photo of the one:                                         Here's a photo of the laudanum:

Image result for laudanum

Here's a photo of Minnie Deen:

Monday, 11 September 2017

Reading challenge. A novel.

This is a book about the Maddie diaries.

About the book:  She is from dance moms. And there are photos in the book too. And she was on the show for six years. And she has a sister called Mackenzie. And she is on sia which is music. And her sister does music put Maddie dances in music. She has been in movies. She has wined 2016 choice awards. And it's about her career.

The chapters:                                                            


Chapter one
Presenting Madison Nicole.

Chapter two
And along came Kenzie/Mackenzie.

Chapter three
Livin' on the dance floor.

Chapter four
It's  Just Me

Chapter five
Sia's mini-me

Chapter six
So I Think I Can Judge.

Chapter seven
Drama Queen

Chapter eight
My Style File

Chapter nine
Makeup Maven

Chapter ten
The Me I've Yet To Meet

Reading challenge. About a article.

Here's a link about a flood

And here's a photo to about the flood.                          

                                                                  Link: flood link:

reading challenge. postman pat wins prize.

A picture book. This book is about a postman that ask what are you doing? And they say i'm getting ready for the show. And he win because he can past the twing-twing roads,drive through the mud,he can drive through narrow gateways,and find a way without getting lost.

The ugly truth book. Reading challenge

The ugly truth is about this boy that is not friends. With his friend he has been with for ever and then he makes a new friend. And there is mum and son dance. And then he said to him do you want to get ice cream. And then his rich friend said we already have some. And there's more about the story.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Reading challenge.

This is a book about a girl and brother that is in a creaky house. And she finds a amplit in the house. and her father died at the start of the book. And the mum gets sick at the end.

And this is the book.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Reading challenge

 Here is a link what would you do if your friends were missing. I got this from sami's blog here is a link to sami's blog.

Enjoy this podcast.

Reading challenge

Heres a book that has more than 100 pages.

Reading challenge.

This book is about poems, riddles,and jokes it is a really funny book to read.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

In Ruma rima we were looking for words that are better then show.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Maths week

Weeks ago it was maths week to get the answers right we could get money in are fake bank and we could get more if we go on "maths millionaire". I got all the answers right and I got a certificate. Here is a picture of the certificate.