Thursday, 5 December 2019

Persuasive Writing

In Room 6 we have been working on persuasive writing. I chose to try and persuade others that I would rather be incredibly smart. Please enjoy my writing and consider if you would rather be incredibly smart or incredibly funny. I would love for you to comment your opinion and why.

I would rather be incredibly smart then incredibly funny.

Here are my reasons why...

If you were smart you could get into a good University and high school students in America, have to get good grades or do sports like football and cheerleading or other sports to get into a good college/university. But if your smart you won’t have to worry about getting a scholarship or good grades because it just happens for you naturally.

And if your incredibly smart after a few good years of university and good grades and exams and tests you can get a job you want and also a good high paying job like a lawyer,computer hardware, Scientific and Technical Nutritionist, engineer,Information security analyst,electrical and electronics engineer,aircraft pilot/flight engineer,marketing and sales manager,environmental scientist/geoscientist and many other high paying jobs.

Becoming an adult moving out of home then getting a house loan and a car to go to work, then getting a job to pay bills is very stressful for most young adults because some young adults don’t have enough money to pay all of their bills then they get very stressed which is not good for your health.

Would you be incredibly smart or funny?

Shanika Taylor

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