Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Reading Activity (Anthrax Disease)

In Room Six we have been doing Activity's on the book Recruit yes we are still reading the same book but we have nearly finished the book recruit "nooooo!". Last weeks activity was to research about Anthrax Disease ( We could choose what Activity you wanted to do) which that is why i'm sharing it to uses so you can read more about the Disease. And if you have it you will know what it is. This disease is very rare so don't freak out about this poster.

(You can still touch your cows and animals)


  1. Anthrax sounds like a terrible disease. I am so relieved to read that it is rare for humans to contract it. I wonder what book your class will read next????

  2. Hi Shanika, it's Tahlia here I really like your document that you made about Anthrax Disease because I din't know it was a disease and now I do. Maybe next time you could make your document a little bit more colourful so it pops. But overall it was an amazing presentation.

  3. Thank you Mrs C for commenting, I never knew about the disease until it was one of our activities. I was surprised about some of the facts about Anthrax disease to. Yeah we don't know what book we are going to read yet? Sincerely from Shanika.

  4. Hi Tahlia
    Thank you for commenting.
    Why would you won't to make it colourful as for it is not very nice disease to have so adding colour wouldn't look right because it's not very good But we did add the red and white cross for colour.


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