Sunday, 28 April 2019

Holiday reading challenge 2019

This holidays we had a task to read as much as we could and make a google drawing about one of the books we read. You got to choose what book you wanted to talk about on a google drawing. We had to put a book blurb and are review about the book and what we like about the book or if we disliked the book. On a google drawing I put the Success criteria and all my work about the book on the google drawing to get you interest in the book I read.  I hope you read this book it has everything for you if you are interested in Love,Mystery and secrets.


  1. Hi Shanika, great to see you've been reading over the holidays. You have made this book sound intriguing and I'd like to read it now, well done! I hope Jess is able to get over her stage fright and keeps playing the violin. My niece plays the violin too.
    Mrs Hahn

  2. Hi Mrs Hahn,Thank you it made we want to finish the book. Yeah it's very interesting. You will just have to find out. Cool how long has for niece been playing for? Sincerely from Shanika.


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